Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swimming Lessons

We finished a session of swimming lessons today.  Swimming is not Kessiah's favorite sport and it shows!  She will take her class again...which I expected.  Jenessa moved up and will be in the same class as Kessiah next time.  That could be good...the last time they were in the same class it created enough competition that I think it helped them both.  Sienna also moved up to the next class...she has become a little fish!  Logan was not old enough for lessons yet but I did get in the pool several times with the boys.  Logan wasn't scared the first day until he was trying to follow Sienna around the pool before class and ended up in water over his head...I was right there so no harm done.  But after that he has been very cautious and didn't even want to go in up to his chest when I was right by his side....until today!  Unfortunately, I did not get in the pool today and he was being brave again!  I had to tell him twice to come back to a shallower area.

We should get at least one more session in...maybe two...I haven't decided yet.  We have also been to the pool a couple of times as a family in an effort to help the girls feel more comfortable in the water...hopefully, that is helping all the kids!

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