Monday, July 12, 2010


We just got back from 10 days of fun and family.  Here's a rundown of what happened
  • Friday July 2:  We drove to Richfield and spent the night
  • Saturday July 3:  We got up early and drove to Salt Lake City for Marissa's baptism, enjoyed a yummy barbecue at Janel's house and then headed up to Idaho Falls for fireworks that night
  • Sunday July 4:  I woke up with a pit in my stomach to let me know that I was sick!  Ryan went with Kerry and all the girls to church...I stayed home with my boys and Patty stayed home with Christopher.  I was feeling pretty good by that evening (thank goodness).  We set off our own fireworks in the back yard that night.
  • Monday July 5:  Ryan took the girls (with Kerry and most of his kids) to see Toy Story 3.  That evening we had a barbecue at Brett's house with everyone that lives in the area.
  • Tuesday July 6:  We went and explored the sand dunes around St. Anthony and then went to the little water playground in Rexburg.  That evening we made smores in the backyard...yummy!
  • Wednesday July 7:  We drove to Yellowstone and saw Old Faithful, went on an easy hike around several geysers and pools.  On our drive out we saw a lot of buffalo...several were very close and passed right in front of us!
  • Thursday July 8:  We went to the zoo in Idaho Falls...we purposefully tried to keep this day lighter.  That evening we drove to Janel's house.
  • Friday July 9:  Lagoon!  Logan liked the rides in kiddieland that stayed on the ground and didn't go too fast.  Sienna would go on anything she could and got very upset when she was too short to get on something...she was just barely tall enough for The Bat. 
  • Saturday July 10:  Thanksgiving Point...we spent time at the farm land and the dinosaur museum.  Great places to take kids!
  • Sunday July 11:  Church...unfortunately, Logan was so tired he couldn't handle going to nursery.  He slept on my lap during Sunday school and half of Relief Society.  After church we drove to Richfield.
  • Monday July 12:  We drove home!  Aaaaahhhhhh!

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