Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Kessiah!

Kessiah walked into my bedroom this morning (yes, I was still in bed!) and said "I'm a decade!"  Yep, she is growing into a beautiful young woman.  I am so proud of her.  She is a diligent student, which makes my job so much easier.  She is an obedient child and really tries to do what is right.  She loves to read.  She likes 4-H; she is enjoying learning how to sew this year (I'm excited that she is learning an important skill) and loves her guinea pigs.

She wanted a double layer chocolate cake for her birthday.  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling very good this morning so she mixed it up herself!  Ryan took her and Jenessa ice skating tonight as part of her celebration. (A little later...they just got back and both Kessiah and Jenessa did very well ice skating on their own.  Ryan didn't take Sienna because he wasn't sure how much help the big girls would need)

I am so blessed to be her mother.  I thank my Heavenly Father often for the events that brought her into our lives.  As she turns 10, I am struck by how important my job is and the many things I still need to teach her!

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