Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sienna's Birthday

Wow!  My baby girl is another year older!  She was excited that she didn't have to do her jobs today and I even let her pick a movie to watch this afternoon after school was done.  She picked mac & cheese for lunch and enjoyed opening her presents...although she was disappointed that the Barbie she got didn't have a dress!

This evening Ryan took the girls to an NAU basketball game that was played here.  I was surprised that Sienna agreed to that activity on her birthday...but it's a nice daddy/daughter's date!  I'm home with the boys watching Toy Story (Logan's favorite!)

Sienna is an energetic, fun-loving girl!  She is learning to read (she would be reading if her mom had more energy...but that seems to be lacking right now!)  Sometimes she feels caught in the middle of trying to be like her big sisters and wanting to stay little.  She is pretty good most days about playing with Logan during morning school time...that is helpful...most of the time!  I'm excited to start Kindergarten with her next year, she is ready and eager to learn.

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