Saturday, September 22, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  It has been a usual busy week for us...Mason's preschool, Logan's preschool co-op, Lollipop group, gymnastics (which Jenessa has decided to not do anymore), soccer practices, Kessiah's dance class, piano/library.

2.  I had a funny conversation with Logan one evening.  Jenessa had just told me how glad she was to be homeschooled.  A few minutes later Logan asked me if he was homeschooled.  I said "Yes, sort of...not really since you haven't been doing your worksheets.  You are co-op schooled since you go to co-ops, Preschool co-op and Lollipop group.  Yep, you are co-op schooled!"  How's that for an answer!?!

3.  I was able to spend some time in the garage with Ryan on Friday.  We got a load in the back of his truck to go to Goodwill...that was progress!

4.  Some strange comments heard recently coming from my mouth
"Do not walk on his face!" (directed at Sienna who was stepping on Logan's face!)
"We don't pee on the floor"  (yes, I'm still trying to potty train Mason!)
"Stop eating dog biscuits"  (another one directed at Mason!)
"This is not a play area" (this one was to Corbin...why have all of my kids enjoyed playing in the toilets?  I heard a mom recently say that none of her kids have played in toilets!)

5.  Corbin has had a couple of throwing up episodes and some great diarrhea this week...I think he is teething again!  One morning I just sat and held him for over an hour while he cried...poor baby.  I did give him some Tylenol and tried really hard to give him some Orajel but I had a really hard time getting him to open his mouth for me.  He did NOT want me to get anywhere near his gums!  He gave me a good excuse to wash his car seat cover this week.  (Saturday update:  make that twice...I had to wash it again!)

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