Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kessiah's Birthday Party, Pinata and Guinea Pigs!

Kessiah had a birthday party on Saturday. We had six kids show up for pizza, a pinata and games.

Kessiah had decided that she wanted a pinata for her birthday party. I was just going to buy one until Ryan thought it would be a fun family project to make one! Thankfully, Ryan was there on Monday night to make the form of the bear with balloons and cover it with the first layer of newspaper and flour paste. Unfortunately, his schedule made it necessary for me to be in charge of the rest of it! It really wasn't too bad except for putting on the crepe paper pieces which was very time consuming, we ended up just putting the pieces on flat on the bottom of the bear so it wouldn't take quite so much time. We did make some memories and Kessiah thought it was great!

After her party we went to a pet store and bought the supplies for her future guinea pigs. (She really wanted a pet last year...don't ask me why since we already have 2 dogs. I told her she had to wait until she was 8 years old and prove to me that she could be responsible enough to take care of them. My real reasoning in making her wait was so that she could use them as a 4-H project but this fall I realized that she wasn't quite old enough...but it was too late for me to tell her she had to wait another year! She has been discussing what pet to get for the past year and waiting as patiently as she could for this birthday to come. After doing some research I felt like guinea pigs were the best option for our to fish which were not an option in her mind! We didn't get the guinea pigs at the same time as the supplies because she didn't like the colors they had. They should be getting more in on Wednesday, so I'm sure we will have 2 little piggies living with us before this week is over!)


texas becker's said...

Happy Birthday Kessiah.
Sounds like you had avery fun party. Hayley wishes she could have come. We miss you,
Cynthia and the gang

texas becker's said...

Hey, that is a great pinata. it looks like a real bear. You all did a great job. Was teh swing set there when we came? I don't remember it.