Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Week

Our big project last week was getting Kessiah's pinata finished for her birthday party. (See post about Kessiah's birthday for more info)

We spent some time last week talking about Thanksgiving. I've even learned a few new things! For example, did you know that at the first Thanksgiving the children served the adults and had to eat last! The children also had to eat standing up, only the adults got to sit down! Kessiah and Jenessa are worried that I'm going to start some new traditions! As we were talking about the Indians one day, Sienna said "I a Indian and go to the candy party!" She was referring to Halloween when we went trunk or treating in the church parking lot. I thought that was pretty cute to refer to it as a "candy party" And now that our Halloween candy is gone, she thinks we need to go to another "candy party!"

Our fun science project of the week was measuring out the length of our intestines with yarn. Kessiah and Jenessa thought it was really strange that our long intestine is so much shorter than our small intestine and there was some discussion about the need to change the names!

One evening at dinner Logan was making quite a bit of noise while sitting in his high chair so Ryan put his finger to his mouth and said "Shhhh!" Logan copied him by putting his finger to his own mouth and blowing. He has done it several times since then as well (with encouragement). What a cutie and such a copy cat!

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texas becker's said...

Way to go!!! Hayley has informed us that she wants a pinata at her birthday, as well. You definitely have the memory making thing down!