Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Week: We have trees!

Yeah! We now have 5 trees in our backyard! Ryan didn't have to work on Tuesday (Veteran's Day) and he took advantage of the time to buy and plant 2 pine trees. They are in the back corners of our backyard. On Saturday, he bought and planted 3 dwarf nectarine trees on the side yard by the kitchen. I hope they produce some good fruit, I love nectarines. Ryan had already dug the holes for all the trees and installed a drip the planting of the trees went pretty quickly. It's so nice to see some green stuff back there...only about 12 trees to go!

I left Logan in the backyard for a few minutes with Ryan on Saturday while he was planting the trees. When I came back I found Logan in one of the tree holes, Ryan told me he had put him there so he wouldn't fall in accidently and get hurt. It looked pretty funny...but it made sense!

Logan has started to develop a sense of rhythm over the past couple of weeks. He starts to bounce up and down whenever he hears music. It is so cute! He has been jabbering more lately, I'm sure he's got some pretty important things to tell me!

Kessiah and Jenessa have been learning about our digestive system in science. They have really enjoyed some of the experiements we have done. We made a model of cells out of plastic baggies, yellow jello and grapes. (plastic bag=cell membrane, jello=cytoplasm, grape=nucleus). We showed what our food looked like in our stomach by putting some water and crackers in a baggie and mashing it up with our hands. Jenessa thought that was really cool, Kessiah thought it was a little gross! I'm sure more fun things are coming up in this unit!


texas becker's said...

WOW! Trees!! The smallest things make the biggest difference.

Keep dancing logan...isn't it fun?

Love the experiment! Keep sharing those!

texas becker's said...

Logan has grown so much!! He is a little boy now...not a BABY!
He looks as if he has been walking forever!!!
Now, I don't remember that wall/fence. I guess I didn't pay enough attention. Those holes are awesome, Ryan! I miss you all so much!!