Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sienna wins the lottery!!!

OK, so we had a grocery store moment today. As we (yes, I had my 4 children with me at the grocery store!) were walking out of the grocery store this afternoon, Sienna and Jenessa were just a bit ahead of me. As I neared the lottery ticket vending machine I noticed a man kneeling down pulling a lottery ticket out of the machine and saying "well, that's not the one I was going to get, but I guess that's what I've got now!" Sienna was standing right next to the man and the vending machine and Jenessa right next to her informed me that Sienna pushed the button on the machine. So, it all clicked...the man was buying lottery tickets and Sienna pushed the button before he did! Well, I offered to pay him for the ticket but he politely said he tried not to look too annoyed.

Umm, this summer Jenessa was praying so that "Mommy can get control of Sienna." It looks like we better start praying again!

Ryan laughed when I told him about it and thought this experience ranks right up next to the one when Kessiah called 911 when she was about 18 months old.

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texas becker's said...

That cracks me up...Jenessa praying for you to get control of Sienna!