Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to Business

My parents left this morning, it will be an adjustment after having my mom here for the past 2 weeks!  My dad got here Thursday night so we have enjoyed having him around this weekend as well as my mom.

We went to gymnastics this morning.  I now have the three girls all taking classes at the same time.  Sienna FINALLY got into her class a few weeks ago.  She loves it, of course.

While my mom was here, we moved Sienna's toddler bed out of the girl's room and into Logan's room.  Sienna is now sleeping on the trundle that was under the bunk beds.  We scooted it out where her toddler bed used to be.  She has been in mourning over the loss of her bed, but I think she is coming around especially after Nana made her a princess sheet for her new bed.  I haven't started putting Logan in the toddler bed yet...I have to gear myself up for that change!

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