Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

We enjoyed our Easter weekend immensely!

Janel came down with Emily, Marrissa, and Charlotte as well as my mom.  The girls, of course, enjoyed playing with their cousins, colored eggs, had an egg hunt in the backyard, and played some more.  It was fun (and a bit noisy!) to have them here.  We had 8 kids under 10 here and for a few hours when Janels brother and family came up from the Phoenix area on Sunday we had 10 kids under 10 in the fun is that!

It was also General Conference weekend.  It was a good one that should have been subtitiled "Parenting 101"  I'm excited for the May Ensign to come so I can review many of the talks at my leisure, I have much to improve!

Mom is going to stay for a couple more weeks, it will be nice to have her here.

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