Monday, April 26, 2010

Logan is a Big Boy!

Logan is doing great in his toddler bed.  It's almost as if he is still in his crib.  He doesn't get out of bed until someone opens his bedroom door and tells him he can get up!  Amazing!  This has been the smoothest transition from crib to bed yet!  He'll even tell us that the crib is "Mason's bed" even though Mason has never slept in it!  (Mason is still in our closet in a portacrib) 

We'll see how potty training goes...I'm planning to attempt that this summer or in a few weeks when school starts slowing down.  One thing at a time!

One of his favorite pastimes lately is building towers with mega blocks.  As I write this he has been playing with the blocks for about 30 minutes and is still going strong!

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Janel Ogden said...

I am very glad that Logan has transitioned to his bed so well! That is one of those "tender mercies" that happen so often in our lives!