Friday, October 7, 2011

Five for Friday

1.  The tooth fairy around here can be a little forgetful at times!  Jenessa lost a tooth on Monday evening and when she woke up on Tuesday morning....her tooth was still under her pillow.  Of course, there were tears...but we convinced her to put her tooth back and try again on Tuesday night.  Thankfully, the tooth fairy was on the ball that night!  Unfortunately, the same thing happened the last time she lost a tooth as well!

2.  Corbin has been enjoying his veggies this week!  He has tried squash and carrots...yummy!  He also continues to get some oatmeal before going to bed.

3.  We have been rather frustrated with Corbin's stubborness in taking a bottle...he just wouldn't do it!  Last Saturday Ryan decided we should buy a different bottle to we did...and we are seeing some success!  The first few days, he was still stubborn at first but he finally drank 2 ounces.  By Friday (today) he will happily drink 4 ounces at a time before going to bed.

4.  It suddenly turned cold during the middle of this week so the kids were begging to get out the jeans and long-sleeved shirts.  It was fun for them to get a new wardrobe!  I've been looking on ebay to help fill in the missing gaps.

5.  On Friday for lunch we went to Golden was our celebration for finishing the Book of Mormon as a family.  (Does anyone else see the humor...Golden Corral for finishing the Gold Plates!)  The kids came home stuffed.  Sienna was thrilled to see that they had cotton candy...I think my kids ate 4 of them!  I was happy to hear Kessiah tell me that my meatloaf was better than theirs!

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