Friday, October 14, 2011

Five for Friday

1.  I should learn not to leave the Desitin in easily accessible places!  There is a daybed in the boy's room where I lay a towel down and change I have all the diaper stuff on the bed...including the Desitin.  I took Mason in there one night this week to get him ready for bed and found Desitin spread all over the bedspread (he obviously had a lot of fun!)  I looked at him and said "Did you do this?" and he got a very guilty look on his face that answered my question!

2.  Corbin has got the hang of the bottle!  Finally!  I've let the kid's help me feed him occasionally when my attention could really be used elsewhere...but in reality I hate to give up those moments with Corbin!  They all love the opportunity to feed him, even Logan has done it (although he gets bored halfway through the bottle or else tries to stuff the entire bottle in Corbin's mouth!)

3.  I have given up trying to get Corbin to sleep through the night!  I have tried for the past 6-8 weeks or so to let him cry himself back to sleep in the middle of the night...but the fact is that he just doesn't!  And I'm tired of losing 1-2 hours of sleep every night while I listen to him cry.  So, I decided to just get up and feed him (he just wakes up once) then he goes right back to sleep and so do I...we both get more sleep at night this way!  Someday, he will sleep all night (I hope!)

4.  The weather was back to being beautiful this week.  So after getting out all the long-sleeved shirts and jeans last week...the girls were back in short-sleeved shirts and capris!

5.  Logan and Mason have have really benefited from us spending a couple of evenings every week at the park for Jenessa's soccer practices.  I've been bringing Logan's bike that he got for his birthday, he loves riding around on the sidewalks around the play area.  The first several practices I was able to keep Mason on the grassy area where they hold the soccer practices, we would kick balls or play with toy vehicles that I would bring.  But then he noticed all the kids were around the playground so he found his way over there.  At first I was able to keep him on the little slide.  But the past couple of practices he has found his way past me to the high slides...he does manage them problem is the opening nearby where he could potentially fall!  It makes me a little crazy!

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