Sunday, October 23, 2011

Five (or Six) for Friday (San Diego)

OK, so it is really Sunday as I write this...but it is a wrap-up of our great week in San Diego so I'm still calling it my Five for Friday!

1.  We left on Monday morning.  The kids were so excited...Sunday evening it felt like Christmas Eve and Monday morning they were up at 5:30 ready to go!  The trip there was a little rough at first...Sienna was complaining of a headache (probably from not enough sleep!) and Jenessa got carsick because of the curvy road we took.  Thankfully, she was sitting in the middle so we could roll down the window when she threw up!

2.  Tuesday we went to SeaWorld...dolphins, sea lions, sharks, killer whales!  What more could you want!  We sat on the edge of the soak zone for every show...but we never really got wet, just splashed on...however, Mason HATED getting wet at all.  By the time we went to the last show he was freaking out and did not want to go down into the arena.  Jenessa, Sienna and Logan decided they wanted to get really wet  and so they went down several rows and they got soaked!  But they loved was all part of the adventure!

3.  Wednesday we went to the San Diego Zoo...pandas, koalas, beluga whales and baby monkeys were some of our favorites.  We enjoyed the double decker bus ride and the tower ride (although I had to close my eyes on the way up...I composed myself enough to open them for the way back down).  We went to one show at the zoo...Mason did NOT want to go down into the seating was too much like the SeaWorld and he thought he was going to get wet.  Mason kept trying to hide behind me and Ryan during the entire show!  We sat down on the first row which was really neat because we were so close to the sea lion and the wolf in the show.

4.  Thursday was Legoland...a great theme park for kids.  I really loved how they had little kid rides next to most of the big kid rides...that made life easier for us!  We stopped by the outlet stores in Carlsbad on the way back to our hotel and found a pillow pet kiosk where the kids all picked one out for their souvenir.  We came home with a Koala, Panda, Dolphin, Dinosaur and a Lion.  (We did not get one for Corbin!)  I told them they had to get an animal that reminded them of the Zoo or SeaWorld...but Logan snuck a dinosaur in there anyway! 

5.  Friday we stopped by the San Diego temple (beautiful!) on the way to Coronado Beach.  Coronado Beach is on an island...we had to cross a BIG bridge to get to it (I don't think I've ever been on a bridge so actually started to make me sick!)  Kessiah collected a whole bucket of shells, she found several unbroken ones including some nice sand dollars.

6.  It was a fun week!  We happily survived taking our 6 kids on vacation.  Nothing was very crowded since we were there in October.  Kessiah wanted to know if we could go to San Diego every fall break!  The weather was a little cool in the mornings but warmed up in the afternoons.  Since Corbin still isn't sleeping through the night, I had to get up often with him during the night so he wouldn't wake anyone up.  Amazingly though I wasn't too tired during the days we were there.

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