Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Edition

We went to the fair on Friday, we just walked around and looked at the exhibits and the animals.  We told the kids we weren't going on any rides since we are planning on going to San Diego in a few weeks.  Kessiah and Jenessa won blue ribbons for their entries, Jenessa really wanted to win a BIG ribbon with sparkles!

We had soccer games in the morning and then some of us enjoyed the afternoon session of General Conference, Kessiah had a birthday party during that she was enjoying some time with friends.

During the priesthood session I had Kessiah and Jenessa help me get breakfast ready for Sunday morning.  We made cinnamon rolls and a breakfast casserole

Sunday was spent watching General Conference in our pajamas!  The kids were pretty good as they worked on their conference worksheets.  They also enjoyed a new activity...snickers and kisses!  They got a small snickers bar if a speaker or the audience laughed and a Hersey's kiss if there were tears.  I had to limit it to one snickers and one kiss per speaker since sometimes their were multiple moments of laughter in one talk!  We also enjoyed our traditional ice cream sundaes in the family room during the Sunday afternoon session.

But the biggest news of the weekend is that we finished the Book of Mormon as a family!!!!  We have been working on it for years!  But we keep plugging away...we tend to be inconsistent when I'm pregnant (I'm inconsistent with everything when I'm pregnant!) but we always get going again!  Lately, we have each been reading 2 verses with Sienna and Logan each repeating one verse.  Sometimes Sienna will try to read...if she's in the mood.  We were very excited as we read the last verses this evening!

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