Friday, October 28, 2011

Five for Friday

1.  On Monday morning, I woke up with a cold along with Sienna and Mason.  Having a cold plus having a baby who doesn't sleep through the night is NOT a good combination!  Thankfully, Corbin slept through the night on Monday and Tuesday nights because I was exhausted!  He didn't sleep through the night the rest of the week...but at least he gave me two nights!

2.  I had to take another look at our daily schedule Monday evening.  We were doing school until 5:00 on Monday afternoon (and Kessiah still didn't get everything done!).  So I have now set another timer on my phone to get us moving after quiet reading time in the afternoon (because sometimes, we just keep reading...which isn't really a bad thing unless you have other things that need to be done!) 

3.  Sienna discovered she had her first loose tooth at the beginning of the week, by the end of the week she couldn't take it anymore and on Friday morning she talked Ryan into pulling it out for her.  He got out the floss and out it came!  She was very excited since this was her first loose tooth!  (She is missing a top tooth that the dentist pulled a couple of months ago because it was starting to abcess)

4.  My parents arrived for a visit on Thursday afternoon, we have been very excited to have them come.

5.  And since Halloween is quickly approaching, we loaded up 4 of our children (the youngest two got to stay with Nana and Papa) and went to the grocery store where we bought 7 pumpkins!  Because at our house we each have to have our own!  We got one out of our garden that will be Corbin's...we had to buy one for the rest of us!

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