Saturday, November 12, 2011

Five for Friday

1.  We woke up to snow Monday morning!  It was a beautiful sight with a couple of inches all over!  The four oldest went out to play for a little while and then came in for some hot course, school got started a little late!

2.  On Tuesday afternoon Sienna started complaining that her ear hurt.  I gave her some Tylenol and she seemed better until that evening when she was in misery.  I even called Ryan home early from his meeting to give me some backup and a second opinion.  The next morning Ryan took her to the doctor where she was diagnosed with a bad ear infection.  The doctor cleaned out her ear (which she hated!) and sent her home with an antibiotic prescription.   We haven't had an ear infection in this house in years!

3.  Ryan had Thursday off work this week...since Veteran's Day is on a Friday and he works a 4 day week...he got Thursday off for the holiday.

4.  Jenessa and I went and got our hair cut at a local beauty college on Thursday morning.  I got 7 inches cut off and it is still well below my shoulders!  Jenessa got a few inches cut off and it makes her hair look so much better and healthier!

5.  Corbin has been sleeping MUCH better lately.   He has slept through the night several times and if he does wake up, he only cries for less than 20 minutes before falling asleep!  Yeah!

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