Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Edition

We had our last soccer games on Saturday.  It was a great season for Jenessa's team...they were undefeated.  She played goalie every games...sometimes for half and sometimes for the whole game.  She had a fun time and is always sad when a sports season ends.

Sienna is a little go-getter on the soccer field.  She loves to keep track of how many goals the team has and does a good job of helping that number go up!  She'll be back next season for sure!

Logan had fun and did great and keeping up with the herd (because it was Pee-Wee soccer and that is basically what happens...the herd chases the ball!)  I made a few mistakes on the timing of a couple of games...but thankfully he is young enough that he wasn't too upset that he missed them!

Kessiah and Jenessa also had a piano recital on Saturday (which caused Logan to miss another game...SORRY!)  They have enjoyed their piano teacher and it has been working out well to drop them off while I take everyone else to the library for storytime.

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