Friday, November 18, 2011

Five (or Six or Seven) for Friday

Sometimes my kids crack me up!  Here are some of my interactions for the week.

1.  Logan came up to me pushing his ears next to his head and said "When I do this my head looks like an oval!"  He was so proud of himself for making that observation.

2.  At lunch on Tuesday, Sienna didn't like much of what I had made (fish, rice, veggies).  After eating what she was going to eat, she said "Can I have some more veggies?"  It was a rather pathetic plea, but I happily gave her more...what mother wouldn't be thrilled to have their children ask for more veggies!

3.  Jenessa came to the conclusion that she wanted to get a degree in Early Childhood Education when she goes to college so she can teach preschool (she is actually really good with that age group and often helps me out with our "preschoolers")  She was so excited about the possibilities that she said "I can't wait to grow-up"

4.  One night at dinner Mason went around the table pointing to everyone and saying their his 2 year old manner of course.  He has just started saying everyone's name over the past month...and he says them so cute...not quite getting all the correct sounds and syllables...but you know who he is referring to from the inflection and sounds.

5.  One evening when we were doing zones Sienna said "I wish I was Corbin" this was because Corbin was sitting happily in his high chair chewing on a tortilla and she was supposed to be cleaning up the family room!  Jenessa tried to convince her that she didn't wish she was Corbin because of all the things she could do that Corbin couldn't...but I don't think she bought it!

6.  This week Kessiah began a new unit in composition...she is supposed to write an editorial...which means we had to come up with a topic related to a local or world event about which she had an opinion! Her quote..."I don't have an opinion about anything!"  Really!  If you were to listen to her talk...she has many opinions! 

7.  Another Mason moment because he is so cute...whenever it is time to eat or go somewhere he is the first one ready and he tries to get everyone else on the ball!  When it's time to eat, he's at the table trying to get everyone's attention...he'll say "Fill in the Blank, Come On!"

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