Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sienna is Six

My baby girl is getting bigger!  She has been really excited about this birthday.  She has been talking about/planning what kind of cake she wanted for the past two months.  She was right by my side for every step of making her cake.  She was so proud of herself because I let her use the beaters and crack the eggs!  She wanted a coconut cake...and even though she didn't think it was all that was a super delicious yummy cake...really incredible (did I say that the cake was good and it was four layers!?)

She got a few things that she wanted...a scooter and some sparkle littlest pet shops as well as a necklace making kit and some piano books.  She has been wanting to take piano lessons, so I got her a set of very very beginner books...we'll see how it goes!

She is an exuberant little girl. She is a great help in keeping Logan entertained (although sometimes that is a love/hate relationship) and tries so hard to help me with Corbin (Unfortunately, too often I have to tell her to stop!  But she does get to feed him quite a bit!)  Sometimes I sense her frustration at being the youngest of "the girls"...she finds herself in between the "bigs" and the "littles" and just doesn't know what to do!

I took this picture a couple of months ago during quiet reading time when she was still reading her beginning Hooked on Phonics made me smile!  And look!  She is wearing the same shirt that she wore today...funny!
I have made several small steps to do better in schooling seems that she has not had the same preparation that her sisters had (imagine that...she is 6 and has 3 younger brothers!  I spent too much of that time on the couch being sick and pregnant!)  But she is extremely bright and picks things up quickly.  She has learned how to read during her first semester in kindergarten and tries to read nearly everything she can get her hands on.  We went to the library today and she was so excited to be able to pick out six books...the rule for Sienna and Logan is that they get to check out the same number of books as their age!

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