Friday, June 15, 2012

Five for Friday

1.We had a great week...Jenessa and Sienna had a play date, Kessiah had an orthodontist appointment (and found out she may get this set of braces off in 2 months!), Mason's speech therapist came over and was very pleased at how well he was talking (she hadn't seen him in a month).  The kids had a great week at swimming lessons...I got in the pool with Mason and Corbin one of the days.

2.  The library program this week was outside and it was HOT!  A cowboy came and talked about a lot of the things and clothing that cowboys use.  He even brought his horse!  Unfortunately, I think the heat got to Corbin.  He threw up (a lot) about 5 minutes before the cowboy was done.  Oh yes, right there in the middle of everyone...thankfully we had a little space around us, so I don't think he got it on anyone else!

3.  I went to Relief Society this week.  It's been good for me to go to those this year, I enjoy connecting with the other women in our ward.

4.  Mason had an eye doctor appointment in Mesa on Friday morning.  The doctor said that he seems to be doing fine.  He is noticing a slight wander in his eye and more of a head tilt (which I have also noticed), but he does not recommend another surgery at this time.  Ryan took him to this appointment.

5.  While Ryan and Mason were in Mesa, I took the other kids to the summer movie at the theatre.  Corbin did pretty good.  I did have to stand with him after about an hour and I went in the foyer for the last 15 minutes.

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