Friday, June 22, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  If you know Logan like we know Logan you know that he is a talker...I mean this kid can talk nonstop for a long time.  I sometimes have to tell him to stop talking just so I can listen to myself think for a minute!  We were talking about his talking habits during the week and he said "I must have really good mouth muscles!"  Funny kid!

2.  We got bunk beds and mattresses for the boys this week.  As of Friday night, they are set up...but I need to get mattress covers and they will have to wait until tomorrow night to sleep in them for the first time.  The plan is also to move Corbin into the room in the crib...we'll see how that goes!

3.  Jenessa had her end of the season softball party this week at the park.  It was fun for her to get together with her was a good for all of us because it was at a park.  The younger ones got to play at the playground and Kessiah and Jenessa played in the game that was girls vs. some parents!  Plus there was pizza!

4.  Swimming lessons, the summer library reading program and piano lessons all continued this week.

5.  The girls talked Ryan into skipping the summer movie today and instead take them to a movie that just came out...BRAVE.  I stayed home with Corbin and Mason, I'll see it when it comes out on DVD.

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