Friday, June 29, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  We met several other families at the park on Monday evening for Family Home Evening.  We played kickball, ate snacks that everyone brought to share, chatted and the kids all played with each other.  It was a nice evening.

2.  We have all the boys sleeping in the same room now!  Wow!  That means our closet does not have a baby in it...after 14 months!  I have to say that the first night Corbin lasted 10 minutes in the crib...then he woke Mason up with his crying and I had to move him back to the closet.  The next night he didn't make a peep...we couldn't believe it!  The next nights he cried for about 10 minutes and then he is fine.  I have found I have to wait for Mason to be asleep before I put Corbin in bed or it just doesn't work!

3.  When we put up the bunk beds for the boys Ryan told Logan that he had to stay in his bed now...since we got him a brand new bunk bed!!!  (He had been coming into our room every night and sleeping on the floor)  Now Logan stays in bed and Mason has started coming into our room in the middle of the night!  So I guess we traded one boy for another...oh well...all of our kids have done this at one point!

4.  This was the last week of swimming lessons.  I got us signed up for the next session in July.  Logan could have moved up to the next class but it was full with a huge waiting list so I just kept him in the same class.  Sienna moved up to the next class.  Jenessa and Kessiah were in the same class.  Their regular teacher was gone so I don't know if they graduated or I signed them up to repeat the class.

5.  Wildman Phil was the program at the library this week.  He is always a popular show with the animals he brings to show the kids.  I love how he always starts small with lizards and ends up with the big snakes!

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