Friday, July 13, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  We started a new session of swimming lessons this week.  Logan is repeating his class because the next class was full.  Sienna moved up a class and is doing great.  On Thursday her class went off the diving board...this is something she has been begging to do but I haven't let her because I can't be with her when I've got the little guys.  She thought is was great!  She had no problem running off the board and jumping in!  Kessiah is doing fine in her class...Jenessa is in the same class.  Jenessa had some trouble on's a harder class where they have to swim laps and Jenessa had talked herself into thinking she couldn't do it (even though they are both repeating this class from June).  I had to spend the next two days doing a lot of pep talks and on Thursday she stuck with it and did fine.

2.  I've spent a good part of this week getting reading for 1st grade with Sienna.  I did K12 with Kessiah and Jenessa at this grade...but I feel like I still need more flexibility than K12 I'm planning on doing my own thing with Sienna for one more year.  I've been making copies and organizing materials.  I still have a couple more books to buy for her.

3.  We got our books from K12 this week for Kessiah and Jenessa.  It's fun to see what Kessiah will be learning this year and it's fun to see Jenessa's books and remember doing them with Kessiah.  While we were putting their books in their cubbies Logan and Sienna wanted to get their books out I had to get their books in their cubbies as well!

4.  I've been working to potty train Mason again this week.  I tried for the first 2 weeks in June...with little I didn't do anything the last 2 weeks in June knowing that we would be going on vacation the first part of July.  I really wanted him to get this before school starts...I have more time right now to focus on this and he will be going to preschool next month...but we'll see!

5.  The boys have all been sleeping in the same room...except for the fact that Logan always finds his way into our bedroom during the night.  Unfortunately, this situation of having Corbin in the boys' room means he doesn't sleep until 9:00 anymore!

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