Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Vacation 2012 Idaho

We had a great time in Idaho.  Our kids look forward to this trip all year, they love to see their cousins that they usually only see once a year.

Ryan bought some water balloons and the kids had a great time throwing them at each other.  I was surprised at how fast the balloons were gone...but with that many kids all after them it didn't take very long!

We had our traditional 4th of July BBQ at Brett's house.  Good food and good company.  Brett flooded his side yard while we were there and the kids had a blast getting wet and throwing balls for the dogs. 

 After the BBQ we were off to see the fireworks...Idaho Falls puts on a great show!

Can you see Mason's face?  He was NOT happy to be there...the fireworks scared him!

 We did sparklers and had our own little fireworks show in the back yard a couple of days later.

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