Friday, July 20, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  It was a pretty normal week for us.  Swimming lessons, library, summer piano lessons this week because our teacher is on vacation.  Jenessa and Sienna even got a playdate in with some friends who are moving soon.

2.  I continue to try to get organized for school.  This week my main focus has been Logan...I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do with him.  My plans are pretty simple...but I still need a plan....and it helps me tremendously if I get most of my copies made for the year and get pages torn out of workbooks and put in file folders according to month.  Also, I realize that he is a boy!  I big surprise there.  But I am trying to come up with other activities besides just doing worksheets...that worked well for the girls...but I'm learning that boys need more physical activities!   I got another book ordered for Sienna...I think I just need to get one more.  I printed out the history topics for Jenessa and Kessiah (I like to check out books from the library for them that go along with their history topics)

3.  In an effort to get ready for fall...I got Jenessa, Sienna and Logan registered for soccer.  Kessiah hasn't played soccer for a couple of's not her thing.  She has decided she would like to try a ballet class this I set up a time for next week for us to go and check out a dance studio.  I also got us re-registered for gymnastics.  They changed the time of the homeschool class...which will be a bit of an adjustment from our past routine.

4.  I did nothing to potty train Mason this week...after last week I decided to take a break!  It was turning me into a mean and crazy mom!

5.  I FINALLY got the organizing shelves that I got for my birthday set up in Kessiah's closet...yep...that's where they are right now.  I have better organized my school things that have been in the looks so much better!  And while I was organizing that, I found a few things I had forgotten about and/or lost!

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