Friday, August 10, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  We got started with our official first week of school, although we have been doing a couple subjects for the last 2 weeks.  Here are the basic plans for education this year:
Kessiah-6th grade, K12
Jenessa-4th grade, K12
Sienna-1st grade, I've pulled together a curriculum from different sources for her
Logan-Preschool, he is technically old enough to start kindergarten but I have talked to too many parents of boys with late summer birthdays and I feel it would be best to wait one more year.  I have gotton together with a few other moms with kids the same age and we will be doing a preschool coop one day a week.
Mason-Preschool, he will start preschool on Tuesday...and for now the plan is to go 3 days a week.
Corbin-Toddler, his plan is to continue being cute, learn a few words, and keep Mom on her toes with the other kiddos!

2.  We started gymnastics again this week...we took the summer off.  I got everyone back into the class they were supposed to be in except Mason.  He was NOT happy that he did not get to participate.

3.  We have continued to watch the Olympics this week.  It has been fun to see the girls have their favorite sports and athletes.

4.  Logan discovered that Corbin has another tooth coming in!  He has one coming in on the lower left...that will make number 5.

5.  I took Mason to his preschool on Friday to show him his classroom, have him meet his teacher, etc.  He enjoyed playing with several things in the classroom.  Hopefully, he will be happy to be there when I take him next week!

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