Friday, August 3, 2012

Five (or Six) for Friday

1.  We have enjoyed watching lots of Olympic competitions this week.  It has been fun having Kessiah and Jenessa old enough to really enjoy watching with me.  We have especially enjoyed gymnastics, swimming and diving.  We love having a DVR...we've actually never watched the Olympics as they show them on TV.  We watch what we recorded the day before and fast forward all the commercials...WONDERFUL!

2.  This was the last week of swimming lessons for us.  Kessiah and Jenessa didn't pass this that means next summer I will have 5 in swim lessons at the same time!  This week was also the last summer movie.

3.  Kessiah started dance lessons this week.  She seems to enjoy her jazz/tap class the best, but she enjoys the lyrical/jazz class.  She says the ballet/tap class is her least favorite...which is funny to me because we started these dance classes because she wanted to take ballet!

4.  I have heard from Kessiah's homeroom teacher, Jenessa's teacher and Mason's preschool teacher this week.  I have continued to try to get some things ready for the coming school year so that I can be better prepared.  I took some paperwork in to the preschool this afternoon to complete Mason's registration.  He came with me and he didn't want to leave!  He just wanted to play in the little playground they have there!  I'm sure he will love's the rest of us that will have to adjust!  I have started getting Jenessa up a little earlier this week so that next week doesn't come as such a shock...but it will still be hard.  I have had the girls do 2 subjects each day this week to ease them back into the routine!

5.  Mason and Corbin had check-ups this morning.  They are both doing well...Mason is still at the 4%le for height!

6.  This evening was the Ryan's annual work party/BBQ at the pool.  We rarely go to the pool in our own town...we always go to the pool at the YMCA that is in the next city.  So the kids really look forward to this night when they get to go to this pool.  Ryan took the girls with him early (he always helps out at the grill) so they had fun getting some extra swimming time in.

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