Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Logan Turns 5!

My oldest son is 5!  And let me tell you he is opening up a whole new world to me!  I am finding I need to pull out a whole new set of parenting strategies with this guy!  He is so full of energy and curiosity...there is never a dull moment!  It is challenging to keep him occupied and not bored...because that's when he get's into trouble!  He has worked himself out of naps on most days...which means I have to find something quiet to do during that time.  (That is quiet reading time or nap time around here...and he doesn't know how to read yet)  He is enjoying the harder school work I have been giving him and he loves going to preschool coop.

At our house, when you turn 5, you get a friend birthday party.  Logan has been looking forward to his party all month!  We had it the weekend before his birthday.  He has been crossing off the days on a calendar. He had 4 boys come and enjoy the fun with him. His party theme was dinosaurs.  We played several games and I made him a dinosaur cake.

On his birthday, I made cupcakes and he got to open more presents!

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