Friday, August 17, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  I broke my toe (at least I think I did!) last Sunday evening.  I was putting something in the garage freezer and a piece of frozen Mozzerella fell on my little toe!  Ouch!  It really hurt for about 30 minutes, then turned into a dull ache the rest of the week.  It has been swollen and bruised and I have been limping around all week!

2.  Mason started preschool on Tuesday.  He seems to enjoy it.  I hung around for about 10 minutes on the first day before I left.  After that day, I've just signed him in and said good-bye!

3.  School has gone pretty well this week.  At times we still struggle with our new school routine...there are a few growing pains since we now have less free time than we did in the summer.

4.  We have continued to watch the Olympics that we have for us the Olympics lasts more than 2 weeks!

5.  We had our first 4-H Community Meeting of the year this week.  There are a few new projects being offered this year...including 2 that I'm doing (Clover Kids and Cooking).  It should be a fun year for the kids in 4-H.

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