Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas was on a Sunday this year and we have 8:00 church...we were a little worried about how that was going to work out...but it went fine.  We told the kids they could get up at 6:30 (they used my cell phone to set an alarm!), they had time to look at Santa stuff before we needed to get ready for church.  We only had sacrament meeting today, then we came home, took a few pictures, got back in our pajamas (because it's our tradition to spend Christmas Day in our pajamas!) and enjoyed the rest of our day!

We weren't sure how the day was going to go...with it being Sunday...because there are certain things that we don't do on play the Wii or DSi games, watch T.V. or movies (except for "Sunday" movies), etc.  But the kids never even asked to do those things (even though there were some new Wii games and DSi games and movies)...I was really proud of them.  They kept busy with other gifts including a big cardboard house, new board games, science kits, art kits and we watched the Ten Commandments (one of spiritual gifts from Ryan)  It was a nice made me wish that every Christmas was on a Sunday!

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