Friday, December 23, 2011

Five for Friday

1.  On my first day of Christmas Break I cleaned my bedroom (it REALLY needed it...amazing how long it takes with 6 kids!), put up hooks in the kids bathroom for their towels (hopefully, that helps!), and wrapped the Myrrh presents.

2.  On my second day of Christmas Break I focused my cleaning/decluttering attention on the front room.  I also helped Sienna and Logan make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and assisted Kessiah and Jenessa while they each made a treat (hopefully, we'll get those to their Primary teachers tomorrow!)  The kids got their sibling presents wrapped and Mason's therapist came to play!

3.  On my third day of Christmas Break we did our regular library trip (unfortunately, our piano teacher called this morning to tell us she had fractured her ankle and was at the doctor and wouldn't be back in time for lessons!)  My cleaning/decluttering focus was the family room which drifted a bit into the game room since I was cleaning out the toy basket in the family room.  I helped Kessiah finish her cookie dough truffles and my visiting teachers came for a visit.

4.  On my fourth day of Christmas Break Jenessa and Sienna each invited a friend over for a few hours (they happen to be sisters so that makes it easier!).  I was cleaning/decluttering the kitchen and Ryan was out doing the last of our Christmas shopping.  That evening we went to tithing settlement and then delivered some goodies to the kids' Primary teachers.

5.  On my fifth day of Christmas Break we did some furniture rearranging!  The daybed is now in the game room which is now mostly Kessiah's room and one of our big cubbies got moved from the game room to the boy's room (which I wasn't thrilled about having toys in their bedroom...I have been fighting this idea for a year!)  Of course, this process including getting rid of a bunch of stuff that was in the game room.

I really could use another week of Christmas Break to continue cleaning and decluttering but next week I need to focus on getting some things ready for next semester!  It has been great to have some time to do what has been done this week!

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