Friday, December 9, 2011

Five for Friday

1.  Our big event this week was Mason's eye surgery.  We went to Phoenix on Monday evening and I was at the hospital with him at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning.  The procedure went well, we have a follow up appointment in a week down in Mesa.  The reason for the surgery?  His right eye wasn't tracking correctly.  The doctor cut a muscle in his eye to (hopefully) correct the problem.  The doctor commented that the muscle was about twice the size that it should have the problem was definitely not going to just go away on it's own! Mason went into the surgery well...thanks to some medication they gave him to help him relax and give him amnesia!  But he woke up in an awful mood!  I was warned that could happen!  He finally calmed down on the way to the hotel.

2.  Corbin slept HORRIBLY in the hotel!  I seriously got 2 hours of sleep that night!  If we have to repeat that surgery (or for anything else) in the near of us will have to go down alone!  He has continued to not sleep well since we got back...which makes for one tired mommy sometimes!

3.  On Friday we finally got our Christmas tree decorated!  It has been a crazy month for us with sick people, snow and the surgery...we just weren't able to do it before now!  We also got the Christmas village set up and Ryan got the outside lights up.  It's beginning to feel like Christmas.

4.  I love the Friend magazine that the church puts out.  Every December they have some kind of a count down to Christmas Advent Activity Calendar.  We are using the one from this year as well as a previous one...and the kids got a Christmas chain with an activity to do each day before we are having fun counting down!

5.  We enjoyed the ward party on Friday evening.  Good food, good company!  The Primary children put on a nativity and Jenessa got to be Mary (her name was drawn out of a hat...because of course, everyone wanted that role!)  Kessiah and Jenessa were able to go to Sis Ipson's house last week and help her with the costumes.

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