Friday, December 30, 2011

Five for Friday

1.  On Monday we had a Christmas part 2!  We played Wii games, DSi games, watched movies, stayed in our PJs (at least the kids did!)...pretty much took it easy!  We have spent the rest of the week doing a lot of lounging around and enjoying our break!  Ryan did take the girls to the movie theater to see Tin Tin.

2.  I was finally able to get in this week to get an MRI on my shoulder (I hurt it the end of September and it just isn't getting fact, it's getting worse).  The day after my MRI I had to go back to the doctor to see the results which thankfully were that I don't have to have surgery!  But I do need physcial therapy.  That will be a pain, but it looks like I can get in early in the morning, so it shouldn't disrupt too much of our routine.

3.  We spent one morning finishing the girls' rooms.  We got a dresser in Kessiah's room and moved the trundle that Sienna had been sleeping on under the bunk beds.  Jenessa moved to the top bunk and Sienna now has the bottom bunk...that room seems much bigger now!

4.   Corbin has mastered the art of sitting, I keep waiting for him to start won't be long!

5.  On Friday night Ryan and I got to go on our 2nd date this month!  Pretty funny when you consider how rarely we get a babysitter and go out without the kids!  The stake presidency were having dinner together and since Ryan is the stake executive secretary, we were invited!  It was a nice dinner and we played a fun game of "The Newlywed Game"  Book of Mormon style!

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