Friday, December 16, 2011

Five for Friday

1.  We started out the week by making our gingerbread houses for Family Home Evening...we do this every year although it is usually earlier in the month!  This year I bought a kit that had 5 small every child except Corbin got to make their very own!  Mason just tore his apart and tried to eat all the candy and icing he could...but the rest of the kids had fun with it! 

2.  After a break for several weeks from speech therapy (because his therapist moved), Mason started back up this week with someone new.  

3.  I really thought that I would be ok decorating the whole Christmas tree this year...but I was wrong!  I keep finding ornaments in strange places...even the garage!  So, many ornaments are making their way to the top of the tree and for another year our tree has lots of ornaments on the top and the bottom is rather sparse!

4.  We had a surgery follow-up appointment for Mason in Mesa on Friday.  He did NOT want to go in the office and screamed for 10 minutes once we got in.  Thanks to his outburst though, they got us in pretty quickly and the appointment only took a few minutes.  

5.  While we were "down south" we went to the Arizona Science Center.  We spent several hours exploring the four levels.  During the morning there were some school groups there that made some areas a little crowded but after lunch we practically had the whole place to ourselves so we revisited a few favorite areas or some places that were too crowded in the morning.  It was a fun day!

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