Friday, January 20, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Wednesday was a rough day around here.  On Tuesday evening after the kids had gone to bed I discovered that Rascal, one of Kessiah's guinea pigs, had died.  So on Wednesday morning there were a lot of tears.  Kessiah decided she just couldn't do piano we all just went to the library together.  While Ryan was home for lunch we had a burial in our backyard.  He will be missed...but Kessiah is hoping to get another one to keep Milky Way company!

2.  Corbin has got this crawling thing down!  He is good enough that he is exploring quite a bit and starting to get into trouble.

3.   I've probably been a little slow with introducing new foods to Corbin...but this week we tried graham crackers and he loves them!

4.   Thursday was such a nice day.  We had no place to go (it is wonderful to have one day a week like that).  The girls played together for a good part of the afternoon after they had finished their school work.  It just felt relaxing!  I guess it was to help me get rested up for Friday and Saturday (busy busy days!!!)

5.  Another week of physical therapy done!  My range of motion is doing much better except when I try to put my arm behind my back...that one still hurts quite a bit.

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