Friday, January 27, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  "Mommy Time" did not happen this week.  On Tuesday I had a dentist appointment and on Thursday the stake music coordinator came to meet with me about my new calling (I'm now the ward music coordinator).  But the "Mommy Time" concept is working really well with the girls.

2.  I should buy stock in a graham cracker company!  Now that Corbin is eating is everyone else!  Every time I go to get one for Corbin, I have to open a new one because they have been eaten!

3.  This is Jenessa's last week with her current piano books...she gets to move up next week!  Pretty exciting.  I had to order her a new theory book since Kessiah had written in the one that we had...since I was ordering from Amazon I got a couple of other books for Sienna next year (I'm not going to do K12 with her yet) in order to get free shipping.

4.  Mason has an assessment coming up at the end of February to see if he qualifies for the early childhood intervention preschool.  This week his therapist made a comment that she didn't think he would qualify...that surprised me...but it would make my day to day schedule a little easier if I didn't have to take him to preschool and go pick him up.  We'll see what happens!

5.  Another week of physical therapy.  I have 2 more weeks scheduled...but I will be only going twice a week instead of three worked that way due to scheduling problems....but it makes me happy!

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