Friday, November 16, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  Monday was Veteran's Day...ahhh...a 3 day extra day off from work and school.  The kids talked us into going to Denny's for breakfast.  I told them only if they would be good while we went shopping afterwards for clothes for our family picture.  Both things were accomplished!  The rest of the day was spent hanging around and relaxing.

2.  I had preschool co-op at our house this week.  We talked about Thanksgiving, pilgrims and food.  One of the boys has a sister that is Sienna's age (who is also homeschooled), I invited her to stay as well...Sienna was very excited to have a playdate.

3.  We found out this week that Jenessa was nominated to be on the all-star soccer team.  So, in addition to her regular practices on Monday and Wednesday this week, she had another one on Friday afternoon.  She will have her last soccer game on Saturday morning and an all-star game on Saturday afternoon.

4.  On Wednesday I had some extra time between dropping Kessiah off at dance and Jenessa's soccer practice starting.  We spent some time at the playground...which the kids LOVED...I admit, I'm not a mom that loves the playground!  So, of course, they thought I was the best mom in the world!

4.  The girls are practicing Christmas music on the piano is fun to hear it.

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