Friday, November 9, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  OK, I am starting to realize (finally) that my life is super busy...and is not going to slow down any time soon...if ever!  This week we even had a few extra things going on besides the usual gymnastics, Mason's preschool, Logan's preschool coop, library/piano lessons, soccer.

2.  For Family Home Evening this week we did our (mostly) annual Thanksgiving tree.  I enjoyed some of the things that we came up with this year.  Everyone got 5 leaves and had to write something different on each leaf.  Some of my favorites were...Mason was thankful for Papa (I guess he still remembers when Papa and Nana were here while we went to Disneyland), Logan was thankful for Daddy taking him camping (not sure why he was thinking about the father and son campout from the Spring!), Logan was also thankful for the candy that he got at Halloween, Sienna was thankful for her family, Jenessa was thankful for memories, Kessiah was thankful for knowledge, I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to homeschool my children

3.  Kessiah had her dance recital this week.  She did a great job (even if we thought the recital was a little long because the place where she takes dance does several other there were numbers by the voice teacher, piano teacher, guitar teacher, and dance teachers, plus a raffle that took at least 30 minutes!).  She had a dress rehearsal on Tuesday...Ryan took her to that since he had a meeting on Wednesday and couldn't go to her recital.  I dropped the youngest 4 of my crew off at someone in our ward and took Jenessa to the recital on Wednesday.  It was held at the Elk's Theatre...a very historical location in our area.

4.  We had homeschool coop at our house this week since the Mecham's are at Disneyland.  That meant I've felt extra pressure this week to have my house clean and presentable...not easy when I have kiddos making messes behind my back when I'm cleaning a different part of the house!

5.  We had 4-H Community meeting this week.  November's meeting always includes a pie contest.  So we held our cooking club that afternoon (it didn't work out for anyone else to come!)  Kessiah made a coconut cream pie and Jenessa made a peach glazed cheesecake.  I was really hoping this would be the year that I could actually sit through Community Meeting...but my little guys simply make that impossible!  I spent 99% of the meeting in the hall.  I didn't come home in tears, (like I have before) just frustrated and unsure of how to make this work this year.  Last year I took a movie for the kids to watch in the car every meeting...maybe I'll have to do that again...except I'm a leader this year and I'm supposed to report on the clubs I'm in charge of during the meeting.

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