Friday, November 30, 2012

Kessiah's Birthday

I don't know how it is even possible that I have a 12 year old!  She is so excited to go into Young Women's, I know she will love it.

I love this girl.  She came into our lives so miraculously and I never forget it.  She is an obedient child and strives to do what is right.  It is fun (and trying at times) to see her grow up.  She is a good student.  She has been enjoying 4-H again this year and is involved in several clubs (photography, hiking, cavy, sewing, cooking).  She has been enjoying dance, but I think she is going to focus on gymnastics next semester.

This was a birthday party year for her.  She invited a few friends over for pizza, a craft, and a movie (they watched Tangled).  It was a fun evening.

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