Friday, November 2, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  This was a BUSY week (and the condition of my house this morning proved it!).  We skipped gymnastics on Monday because Corbin was not feeling well that morning...he was fine after lunch.  We had Mason's preschool, Logan's preschool co-op, homeschool co-op, Relief Society meeting, and piano lessons/library.  Soccer practices were cancelled on Wednesday because of Halloween!

2.  Monday night for Family Home Evening we carved our pumpkins.  Well...Ryan, Kessiah, Jenessa, Sienna and Logan carved pumpkins.  Corbin, Mason, and I painted ours!

3.  Tuesday for preschool Logan had a Halloween party.  Sienna got permission to go as well...she was feeling a little left out since Kessiah and Jenessa had a Halloween party for Activity Days and Logan was having one with preschool.

4.  Wednesday was Halloween...and the way the kids were acting you would have thought it was Christmas!  They were very excited!  We had a trunk or treat at the church and then Kessiah, Jenessa, Sienna and Logan went around the neighborhood with Ryan.  We have so much candy in the house right now!  Kessiah missed most of the trunk or treat because of her dance class (she has a recital coming up so she really needed to go!)  Corbin found it very interesting that he could walk up to someone and hold out his hand...and they would give him a piece of candy! 

Please ignore the fact that I still have spring butterflies on my wreath!

5.  Ryan had to work on Friday morning.  I tried to get the house back in order and tried to keep the kids moving along with the things they needed to do...sometimes that takes a lot of effort!

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