Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Edition

We had a couple of extra things going on today besides the usual soccer games.

Kessiah and Jenessa had a piano recital with tasty treats for everyone afterwards.  I loved Corbin's shirt which said "Will trade sister for candy!"

Ryan and I went on a mysterious group date.  (I'm so glad that Kessiah is old enough to babysit now...with Jenessa they are a great team!)  It was a fun scavenger hunt type activity and we ended up at the Haws's house for a bonfire and snacks.  There were several things we had to do along the way like an obstacle course, a "Fear Factor" activity, a "Minute to Win It" activity, eating some really hot salsa, pulling light sticks out of a pond, and counting windows on the stake center.  Our team came in last!  But we had fun!

In the Fear Factor activity, Ryan had to pull some rubber worms out of a pie tin of whipped cream.

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