Friday, June 6, 2014

Life on Our Little Homestead

Ryan got a real gate put in...much easier than the old wooden gate we had been using just propped up.

He also got our playset up and ready to use.  And we took down the trampoline that was left here and put ours up.  Now it really looks like our backyard!

Our chickens are getting bigger...but sadly, one of them died.  They are still fun to watch although they haven't been the center of attention as much since the kittens showed up!

I have taken a much more active role in taking care of the garden this year.  I am excited to see some blossoms and small squash growing.  There are some blossoms on some tomato plans.  But many of our plants seem to be sickly looking...I'm disappointed since I had hoped for a great harvest.  I'm hoping that I just need to be more patient.  I will definitely need to learn more about this new hobby of mine!  I did sneak a little strawberry and a pea pod yesterday...tasty!

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