Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What we read in May 2014

I've been working my way through a few ebooks that I got from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle in April.

Advanced Penny Pinching had a lot of good ideas...most of which I already do.  It did make me think about trying to buy nonfood items at Walgreens to see if I can get them cheaper.  It also inspired me to activate my account that we started clear back in 2002!  Of course, the registered credit cards were all expired.  Maybe if I really use will help pay for some college expenses for these kiddos!

Another one I read was The Busy Homeschool Moms Guide to Daylight.  It was a good book about organizing time and space but geared specifically for a homeschool mom.  I am already a pretty organized person who always has a routine/ most things in this book were not new ideas for me.  I did appreciate the reminder about the main reason I am homeschooling...and that is the relationships we have with one another in our family.

Steady Days:  A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood had
some great reminders for me about the example that I am setting for my children and how my attitude affects them.  Enthusiasm is something that I would like to work seems that too often in my blessed and busy state I don't show much excitement and contentment about my job as a mother.

Honestly, I skimmed through most of The Pursuit of Motherhood, but I did enjoy the chapter about the healthy mom. It helped to reinforce in my mind the changes that I am trying to make to be healthier.

I also read a "real" book...Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze...excellent book.  I borrowed it from the library, but I would love to own this one!

Kessiah finished the Seekers series by Erin Hunter...the next one doesn't come out until next year. After looking around on the internet, I made a list of books/series that I thought she might like.  She choose to try the MYTH series by Robert Asprin.  She is enjoying it even she pointed was written a long time ago (in the late 70's!)  Later...Kessiah decided to stop reading this series as she felt like there were some morally inappropriate things going on.

Jenessa enjoyed a nonfiction book called the White House Kids, she found it interesting to read about the children of the presidents. She also finished the Divide series by Elizabeth Kay.

Sienna has enjoyed the Blast to the Past series (I like these because they are history related) and 3rd Grade Detectives this month.

The boys have enjoyed every book that has been read to them!  And I have been better about reading to them before bed...which they love and it makes me feel good too!

We are well into the summer reading program at the library and our family summer BINGO program.

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