Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

On Monday, we were sitting outside on the back porch when Corbin came walking toward me with something in his hands.  As he got closer he said "I have a frog!"  And boy, was he excited!  He had caught a frog by himself.  He wasn't very happy when it got away...I had to go and help him try to find it...which we didn't!

Other animal news...Kessiah caught a lizard (we have a lot of those around...but they are rarely caught).  And we found a baby bunny in our garden area 3 times...the third time was the last straw for me.  We took that bunny back to our old neighbors house!  She is a funny lady who sets out carrots for all the rabbits that are around.

Jenessa got to help with the magic show at the library this week.

On Saturday Ryan drove a float in the Prescott Valley Days parade...the girls went with him.  Jenessa and Sienna rode on the trailer in their soccer shirts (the float had a bunch of kids in sports uniforms) Kessiah drove in the truck with Ryan and squirted people with water guns.

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