Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekly Wrap up

It's been a busy week around here...although that is really nothing unusual!

On Tuesday, we enjoyed our first library program for the summer.  One of our favorites was there...Wildman Phil.  He always brings some interesting critters for the kids to look at and explore.

Kessiah had Girl's Camp this week starting on Tuesday afternoon.  Ryan joined her beginning on Wednesday.  They have been missed around here this week...but I'm sure they have been having fun.  Ryan texted me this picture of Kessiah on the zipline...she has been looking forward to doing this again since last year!

Swimming lessons started this week.  I had successfully enrolled Sienna and Logan, but I had Mason and Corbin on a waiting list...happily they both got in!  Corbin is a bit of a stubborn turkey though and won't participate with his class until the very end of each session.

One day as we were driving south from our home, 6 pronghorn antelope crossed the road in front of was pretty exciting.  I couldn't grab my phone fast enough to get a picture while they were crossing in front of us.

Thursday evening Jenessa talked me into taking everyone to the Movie Under the Stars at the Civic Center...they were showing The Lorax.  After we got back from swimming lessons, we ate a quick dinner, got our pajamas on and headed out.  It went pretty well...although I got a little overwhelmed at the end when Corbin wanted to run off and play and Mason wanted to go to the bathroom.

Friday, we arrived at the theatre for the summer movie program and Mason told us he didn't have any shoes on!  Ahhhhh!  After several minutes of tears, yelling, and discussion about what to do we realized we had an extra pair of flip-flops in the car that belonged to someone we had babysat earlier in the week.

Saturday morning I dropped the boys off at a friend's house and went on a mother daughter Activity Day hike with Jenessa and Sienna.  It was a fun outing.

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