Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

A large part of the week was spent working our our movie project with our homeschool group.  Kessiah and Jenessa wrote the script and last week was devoted to filming and editing.  It was a busy week...I could tell the kids were more tired than usual!  It was a fun project and we ended on Saturday evening watching the production.

It was the last week of swimming lessons.  Sienna moved up and will be in the last class.  Logan will repeat his class.  Mason will move up (he will be in the same class as Logan)  Corbin struggled the first 4 lessons with going to class, but the last 4 he did great.  He will repeat his class.

Saturday morning Ryan took the girls to go set up some flags to commemorate the 19 firefighters that died here last summer.  Such a tragic really makes me grateful for those people who do those jobs that are so dangerous yet so needed.

I may lose my mind by the middle of November...I signed 5 of my kids up for soccer this fall!  I wasn't going to sign Corbin up this year but every time I started talking about soccer he insisted that he was going to play too!  I probably won't even attempt (even if it is possible) to get him to practices...we'll just get him to the games and he will be fine.  It will be crazy enough trying to get 4 kids to practices...last year I could only get 2 kids to practices because of their we'll see how it goes!

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