Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Corbin has done GREAT in swimming lessons this week.  He has gone willingly to class and has stayed with his class the whole time...and has participated.  He has been a new kid!

It was another great week at the library summer reading program.  It was a balloon guy and he was a fun entertainer.  Both Logan and Corbin had the chance to participate in the program and bring home a fun balloon hat.  Logan was part of "The Three Little Pigs" and Corbin was part of a retelling of "There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly"

We went again to the "Movie Under the Stars" again.  It seemed easier this time with Ryan with us.

Saturday was a busy day...especially since we didn't have anything on the calendar!  Ryan and Kessiah helped clean the church on Saturday morning.  It was the Young Women/Men's turn...we've almost missed that week before...but Kessiah was determined to make it this time!  We had a good Saturday morning job time...I redid the Saturday job chart this week to hopefully make some things run smoother.  And while they did go better...I found a few mistakes/changes that I need to fix...I guess that is normal!  After lunch Ryan took the 4 oldest swimming at the Pronghorn Ranch pool...they are trying to get some time in there before we sell our house!  Ryan, Kessiah and I ran some errands and made it back it time to take the family to the High Priest Social.  (I love it when someone makes dinner for my family!)

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