Saturday, May 31, 2014

Funny and Tender Moments in May

There are so many funny, cute, and tender moments that happen in our is my attempt to capture some of them from the past month.

1.  Logan during one of his personal prayers prayed that a force field would be put around our house to keep out any bad guys!...not sure why he is concerned about this.

2.  Mason and I were coming home in the car and he asked if there was a portal we could take to get there faster (how does a 4 year old even know what a portal is?)

3.  When I was asking Jenessa what her favorite book was over the past school year, she looked at me with disbelief and said "Asking me what my favorite book was last year is like asking you who your favorite child is!"  (Ummm...I can see why that is a difficult question!)

4.  Every time the girls go out to see the chickens, Corbin asks if he can go to the chicken poop too.  He means chicken coop put it always comes out chicken poop.

5.  When Mason graduated from preschool, I explained that he wouldn't be going there anymore.  He excitedly said "Do I get to go to co-op now?"   It made me so happy that he didn't care about going to kindergarten (he probably didn't even realize what his teachers were talking about when they mentioned it)...he was excited about going to co-op with Logan and Sienna.

6.  A Little Red Riding Hood cape made it's way out of the dress-up box.  Mason put it on and was pretending to fly...then he came up to me and asked "If I put on a real superman shirt, can I really fly?"

7.  Logan said after playing with some new kids at an end-of-school-year party, "I'm going to make lots of friends so I can go to lots of birthday parties!"  (That makes sense...more friends=more birthday parties!)

8.  Logan was telling Mason to do a lot of things for him on a particular afternoon.  Mason came to me and complained.  I said "Are you Logan's servant?"  Mason said, "No, I'm Jesus' servant"  He then asked what Jesus wanted him to which I responded "Be obedient"  He seemed to like that and went off to continue playing (not as Logan's servant)

9.  When we were in the library, Corbin found the statue of a dragon (he hadn't noticed it before because it is in a corner that we usually don't go to), he was made me laugh when he asked "Will it eat me?"

10.  Tender Moment:  One of our chickens died...we don't know why.  It was sad to see tears as our children said good-bye

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